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Alternaski « progressez autrement »

I will guide you in the discovery and development of alpine skiing, piste or off-piste, by giving you our expertise and experience.

Courses are accessible to people of all levels and all ages.

At alternaski we believe that teaching skiing, whatever the level of practice should not be reduced to the learning of pre-established notions. Therefore, the mission of our courses is individualization. Everyone is unique; therefore we strive to adapt our teaching and our advice specifically to your level, your needs and requirements.

The basis of our programs is to develop a structured course to suit your individual needs. after I discuss with you your course objectives, and observe your ability first hand on skis, we will then implement the best ski-lesson to suit your needs.

I offer special ski lessons available during the day or half day. courses are available in english, french.

During summer time I give Downhill bike lessons: jumps, banked corners, roots, rocky paths, we will put you in every condition possible.
You are a mountain biker, but you are looking for something more challenging… This is for you!

Also Enduro bike lessons: we'll do some easy downhill and a little bit of uphill biking. This is for people who want to have fun on the bike without taking to much risk. This is a good way to enjoy amazing views and discover Valais, Switzerland.

Whatever your level, your desires or your challenges ... join us to enjoy the mountain differently!

Mitglied der AISI (Association of Independent Snowsport Instructors)


Alternaski « progressez autrement »

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