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Allô la terre !
Allô la terre !
25 October 19:30 - 20:30 Event

Allô la terre !

Show presented by Christine Métrailler
Leaving all scientific explanations and the Big Bang theory behind, we set out on a voyage to discover the imaginations of different people on the planet, who will tell us how Earth was created.

However, human beings are a genus of fantasists, because when the first men and women arrived on Earth, they were very afraid: afraid of the fireball burning above their heads, afraid of the rumble of thunder and afraid of the floods of rain pouring down. Human beings are afraid of what they don't know. To tame these phenomena and calm their fears, men and women invented stories – known as aetiological tales.

Seven stories have been chosen to remind ourselves of the importance of imagination in the lives of human beings.

For example, in China, at the beginning of time, the skies and the earth were mixed together to form an egg...
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