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[BLOG] End of Summer Breakfast Spots

Even though we rather make breakfast ourselves it’s nice to go somewhere else from time to time. Here are three places in Verbier where you can kick off your day! 18-09-2018 15:17
[BLOG] End of Summer Breakfast Spots-42284

Summer in Verbier has a different pace than Winter (which is rather nice) and the choice of places that are open for breakfast is definitely narrowed down. But some really try to keep open all year around which is appreciated since it keeps the resort alive during the slower season.

Arctic Juice

Strategically well-placed, next to the lift at Médran, Arctic Juice is one of latest additions to the café scene in Verbier. The ambiance is nice and urban (which is kind of exotic for us up here!). Food wise it’s very hip and you can choose between different smoothie bowls (with many topping possibilities), foody salads and the Arctic Breakfast which includes a poached egg, spinach, avocado and tomatoes with toast. There are also some epic tasting juices (that unfortunately are served in plastic cups even though they’re biodegradable) and AMAZING coffee. Not very local, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Also, the staff is really nice so this is definitely our go to place to sit and work for a bit or a quick coffee! 

La Chocolaterie

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the place to go. La Chocolaterie de Verbier has a super service with a super smiley staff (no wonder when you’re basically working in a chocolate paradise!). We had a waffle, on which we had the possibility to choose from 5 different sauces. To that, we had an Italian hot chocolate, the thick kind you know. It all looks very nice but we have to say that it was a little too sugary for us (hello sugar high!). But don’t let that stop you! The choice of chocolate is endless and they sure know their cacao. Other plus points are that they use stainless steel straws and that they keep open all year around (which isn’t to take for granted!). Also, the shop is really cute as you can see.

La Cucina

Another place that makes the effort to keep all year around is La Cucina. It’s quite hidden behind Naville & Philippe Roux Sport on Place Centrale but they’ve made the best of it and have a well landscaped “terrace” with nice wooden tables and plants. They have breakfast, lunch and dinner foods that you can either take away or eat on the spot.  Most things are homemade but you can also find a variety of interesting local and international products to fill your kitchen with. We had two sparkly juices (that apparently matched Tora’s hair…), a chèvre quiche, a piece of carrot cake (also matching) and a croissant and it was all pretty nice.

We also wanted to check out Good Morning Verbier that opened this Winter but unfortunately, they closed for the season… So, we guess we’ll have to check that out this Winter.


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