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[BLOG] Mountain Hub - A remarkably relaxed coworking space!

Coworking spaces are flourishing, both in Switzerland and abroad. The presence of Mountain Hub on Rue de Médran means that Verbier is no stranger to this phenomenon either. We went for a guided tour. 20-09-2018 14:16
[BLOG] Mountain Hub - A remarkably relaxed coworking space!-42307

When we arrive at Mountain Hub, we’re asked to take off our shoes or put on some slippers. The atmosphere is studious. “We like things calm,” we’re told straight away in hushed tones. “Even though there’s plenty of interaction between users.” Maarten is convinced that with the emergence of new technologies, young entrepreneurs from the local area and further afield are on the lookout for open and informal spaces. His client base is highly diverse, hailing from Switzerland, England and even Norway. There are bankers, web developers, marketing specialists and even a start-up specialising in sports eyewear. Some live in the region seasonally or all year round; others are just here for a stay in the resort, but find it impossible to switch off completely.

But what exactly is a coworking space? Here’s a quick explanation from the founder: “We offer a workspace with printers, very high-speed WiFi and a meeting room. There’s also a café area with free tea and coffee, so caffeine addicts can have as much as they like,” jokes Maarten. “Basically, it’s a place that’s much more suited to work than an internet café is. People can focus on their projects, chat with other members and even share their individual skills.”

The thing that strikes us the most during our visit is the view. One question keeps pestering us: is it hard to work when you can see all those skiers heading up to enjoy the pistes? According to Maarten, one of the space’s big advantages is flexibility: it’s open from 8.30am to 6.30pm, Monday to Saturday (and Sundays on request). This means users can organise their day to include a morning on the slopes before they sit down at their computers again and get back to work. At Mountain Hub, the house motto is very much “Work & Play”.

The coworking space has a lively events calendar too. Activities are offered to both members and non-members and include the “Inspire Verbier” evenings, which cover a range of current topics (the last one was about Bitcoin), as well as yoga sessions every Tuesday morning.

After spending half a day at Mountain Hub, we almost feel like settling in for good. And who said Verbier was all about freeriding? Just another experience to get stuck into at the heart of Verbier...

An interview with Zoe Watkiss, a Mountain Hub user

Hi Zoe, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name’s Zoe, I’m a co-founder of SunGod, an online boutique for customised eyewear. It was created in 2013 after a crowdfunding campaign and now employs a staff of four, three of whom are based in Verbier and one in London.

Why did you choose Mountain Hub as your main office?

When we were launching our company, my husband and I worked from our flat or in cafés. But after the launch, we hired two more colleagues and needed to find a suitable workspace. We weren’t able to rent an office immediately, so Mountain Hub turned out to be the perfect place to set up. There was no need to worry about the decor or buying furniture: everything was already there on site. We needed to be able to focus 100% as we launched our company, without all the worries and hard work of setting up an office.

What are the advantages of working at Mountain Hub?

Being based in Verbier brings a lot of advantages, like being able to analyse the behaviour and needs of your clients, as well as having a good work-life balance – especially with the skiing and hiking. We also decided on a coworking space because it offers us a lot of flexibility, the chance to meet other entrepreneurs, and an amazing location at the heart of the resort.

What’s the best thing about Mountain Hub?

I really like the warm atmosphere – lots of wood furnishings, cosy little couches and a view over the mountains that makes you want to stay there for good. You feel completely at home!


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