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[BLOG] Top 3 of the family activities of the tourist office

Verbier Tourist Office offers dozens of activities throughout the summer.
I chose the three that seemed best suited to children and that I could do with my three-and-a-half-year-old daughter and my three-month-old baby (no easy task: there’s lots of complaining and carrying involved and, with a three-month-old, you’re obliged to take a pushchair or a baby sling). So here’s the run-down...
06-08-2018 8:30
[BLOG] Top 3 of the family activities of the tourist office-41855

The Train des Combins

I chose the tour of Verbier resort, which lasts 50 minutes in all. It’s so easy and it’s the perfect family tourist attraction. In any case, it was the only thing available at 10:00am on the day we went! With the exception of the village and the Le Sonalon restaurant, the train provides an excellent introduction to the resort. I’d recommend it to anyone making a first visit to Verbier, much like the red buses you see in big cities.

Plus points:

  • It’s free.

  • There are baskets behind each carriage to store your pushchair. The driver was really nice and helped everyone load their things onto the train.


Take a small snack and a drink so that you don’t have to get off if hunger strikes. It also helps pass the time – having already done this when my daughter was younger, I can assure you that 50 minutes can seem like an eternity. 


Searching for signs of Célestin le Bouquetin

This is offered by the tourist office for children above the age of six and was perhaps the least successful of my choices. I completely underestimated how tough this would be for my eldest. Luckily, my husband was with us and carried her for a good stretch of the walk. Our son in the baby sling, on the other hand, had a great time. Treasure hunts are so much fun, and I was really looking forward to introducing my daughter to the concept. The hunt for the next stop is undeniably motivating, but in this case the “six years and up” recommendation seems to be worth following (I’ll get back to you on that in two and a half years, though). My daughter did manage to answer most of the questions, though. They were neither too easy nor too hard and even though we live in Valais we still learnt lots of new things. To cut a long story short, we gave up after seven questions but still received the little gift when we got back to the tourist office. We’ll be back in a couple of years to try again! 

Plus points:

  • I must admit that in seven years in Valais, I’d never done the “parcours Vita” fitness trail. You can have lots of fun with the kids working on your agility and balance at the different stations. Laughter is guaranteed.

  • Take the time to observe the surrounding flora, which includes blueberries and dock leaves. It’s a good source of learning opportunities for kids of all ages.

  • It’s free.


  • Follow the itinerary on the map carefully. There are several points where the path branches off and it would be a shame to prolong your walk unnecessarily.

  • We decided to combine our treasure hunt with a picnic, which we really enjoyed. It was really lovely to take a break in the middle of the forest, only a stone’s throw from the town centre. 

Cheese-making workshop:

I’ll admit I wasn’t being entirely objective when I chose this workshop: the Dubosson family, who run the dairy, are so passionate and friendly. Marc, the son, was our guide for this course at the heart of the dairy where delicious Verbier raclette is made. I had already attended the course on my own a few years ago during the Le Châble raclette festival, so I knew it would be an absolute hit with my daughter – I haven’t met a child yet who doesn’t love getting stuck into some cooking. Since the other participants were also families, the mood quickly became very easy-going and relaxed.

Plus points:

Educational and smart: this is the event on your trip that you really can’t afford to miss. You’ll find it impossible to leave without buying some cheese, butter or yoghurt – they really are a must!


  • Book in advance – the course is justifiably popular.

  • Come with an empty glass bottle so that you can buy a litre of fresh, unpasteurised milk. It’s delicious and you don’t get the chance to drink it every day.

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