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[COVID-19] Closure of all shops and public venues

Authorities recommend the immediate closure of all shops and public venues in the destination. 15-03-2020 21:10
[COVID-19] Closure of all shops and public venues-46828

Due to the evolution of the Covid-19 situation and in order to protect our customers, our staff as well as all the people they are in contact with, municipal authorities and umbrella organisations deeply recommend the immediate closure of all shops and public venues in Verbier, Val de Bagnes and Vollèges, except for pharmacies, food shops, petrol stations and kiosques.

It is essential that the whole population puts the recommandations of social distancing and hygiene ordered by the FOPH into practice, whatever their age. If complications seem to affect the younger population to a lesser degree, this segment of the population is a major vector for its transmission. We would be grateful if you could raise awareness of this issue among your staff.

In order to help and support guests and visitors who are still in the destination, the Tourist Office remains open and maintains a heightened telephone helpline. To help protect the Tourist Office staff, we recommend that you opt for telephone contacts rather than coming to the desks in person.

If you have any other questions about the situation, we will do our best to answer or facilitate your access to municipal or cantonal services. For any questions, you can contact us by phone : +41 27 775 38 88 or by email :

The Verbier Tourisme team thanks you for your understanding in these particular circumstances, and sends you their best regards from the Val de Bagnes.

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