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Centre dentaire d'altitude de Verbier Pure Clinic

Pure Clinic I Health Institutions combines care, training and research. Today, there are 6 clinics and a training centre in the cantons of Valais and Geneva. Our unique concept is to combine dental and human medicine in the same structure. This approach already existed in Versoix and Sion, and soon in Sierre. It offers complete patient care thanks to the skills of practitioners trained in the latest therapies.
In Valais, there are 50,000 patients treated each year by the thirty or so specialists of Pure Clinic I Health Institutions, a key player in French-speaking Switzerland.
The latest addition, the Centre dentaire d'altitude de Verbier opened in February 2017 and meets a real health need. Local residents and tourists are welcomed in this latest generation centre. Located in the heart of the resort, easily accessible and close to all amenities, the centre has 3 surgeries equipped with sophisticated digital radiodiagnostic equipment. It offers almost all possibilities for prosthetic care and rehabilitation and dental hygiene. A dentist, a dental hygienist and a dental assistant, all of whom are French-speaking, are at your disposal 5 to 6 days a week depending on the season. The staff also speak English. The synergy with the Martigny Health Institution allows, if necessary, to have an extended technical platform for more complex procedures.
From autumn 2019, Pure Clinic will be located in the heart of the Riviera-Chablais Hospital in Rennaz, with an Institute of Stomatology and Dentistry that will launch the Verbier partnership with a Hospital Centre.
Pure Clinic affirms its values: professionalism, solidarity and innovation. The group is committed to offering adapted and quality services at a Dentotar rate negotiated by the Concert national des Assureurs and the Swiss Society of Dentists (SSO). Its medical teams are composed of dentists, general practitioners, specialists, dental hygienists, nurses, ... On the lookout for medical technological improvements, the group regularly invests in state-of-the-art equipment that allows a more precise medical approach.
The Pure Clinic I Health Institutions philosophy? Ethics, excellence and human values.


Pure Clinic, Centre dentaire d'altitude de Verbier
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