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Fionnay - Barrage de Mauvoisin-40770
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Itinéraire - Randonnée pédestre

Fionnay - Barrage de Mauvoisin

To begin this itinerary, follow the road towards the Forces Motrices de Mauvoisin power plant. Once you arrive at the first crossroads, take the path on your right, then cross the bridge. After a gentle climb towards Le Brecholay, you’ll pass through a field where you might see a few marmots if you’re lucky. Once you arrive in the village of Bonatchiesse, continue on to the Géoparc, then walk through this to reach the Camping des Mélèzes. Once you leave the camp site, take the path that leads through the forest to the main road. Continue climbing towards Madzeria, where you’ll take a right to reach an old bridge. Continue climbing for another few minutes until you reach the Hôtel de Mauvoisin. At this point, you’ll be a 20-minute walk from the Mauvoisin Dam.

Fionnay - Barrage de Mauvoisin-40770
Duration 2h30
Ascension 536 m
Descent 46 m
Highest point 1989
Level Intermediate

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