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Les Ruinettes - La Chaux-19179
Itinéraire - Randonnée hivernale

Les Ruinettes - La Chaux

It is the most popular and easy walk in Verbier. From Les Ruinettes, join the mountain pasture of La Chaux by the wide path. Discover at the same time the outdoor exposed sculptures of the 3D-parc. The view on the Combins is just magnificient.

Between Les Ruinettes and La Chaux, at an altitude of 2'200 m, the works exhibited are created by international artists invited to Verbier every two years. Accessible throughout the year, the Verbier 3-D Sculpture Park creates a space where art and ecology meet the mountain. Everyone can therefore enjoy a visit to this museum without walls and experiment in their own way.

In 2011, Verbier’s first Sculpture Park was created by the 3-D Foundation, on the path between La Chaux and Ruinettes, at an altitude of 2300 metres, renowned for its natural beauty and stunning views and accessibility.

Since then 3-D has run two artists’ residencies to great acclaim with audiences of contemporary art around the globe.

Building on the immense success to date, the Verbier 3-D Residency is becoming biennial from 2013. This will enable more high profile collaborations with leading international contemporary artists during each cycle such as Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Paul D Miller aka DJ Spooky, Sanford Biggers and David Gryn.

The Sculpture Park and Residency create a space for art and ecology to meet on the mountain. Each individual can experience their own sense of escape in the museum without walls.

Verbier 3-D currently collaborates with the Jardin Flore-Alpe in Champex-Lac and ECAV (Ecole Cantonale des Arts Visuels) in Sierre.

Free Guided Tours of the sculpture park are active during the summer and will be available throughout the winter.

Les Ruinettes - La Chaux-19179
Duration 1h00
Ascension 67 m
Descent 7 m
Highest point 2260
Level Easy

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