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Mountain Beach Fitness Retreats

Mountain Beach Fitness Retreats run high altitude fitness camps based in Verbier, among other locations including Sardinia, Sri Lanka, Tuscany, Iceland, Norway and the UK. A week to focus exclusively on your own health, fitness and well being in the incredible environment each location provides. 
MBFR offer both summer week long retreats, and slightly shorter weekends, plus tailor made hut to hut winter ski touring retreats in Verbier.

Summer fitness retreats.
Run by highly experienced and qualified personal trainers Lottie and Emma, their summer weeks are focused on a fun variety of fitness sessions, systematically structured for a full body workout. This is balanced with daily yoga and recovery sessions along with a delicious healthy, nutritional menu designed and created by their private chef using fresh, local ingredients. Importance is not only placed on the physical side of fitness training during the week, but also on overall wellness, being mindful and allowing time for relaxation and re charging the body, in the luxury chalet accommodation. Explore the mountains through guided fitness sessions and benefit from the effects of training at altitude.

Activities include:
- High altitude hikes up to 2600m
- Guided trail runs with technical tips
- Paddleboarding - core and balance techniques on a glacial lake 
- HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) at 2200m - intervals with body weight strength circuits  
- Upper body weighted strength circuits
- TRX - suspension training to work your deep core layers 
- Boxercise - a fun aerobic and toning class with shadow boxing and upbeat tunes
- Par Cours Vita - functional circuits through the forest
- Daily yoga (a mix of hatha, power vinyasa and restorative)
- Aerial yoga - reverses the effects of gravity helping to decompress the spine, reduces muscle tension and improves blood circulation.

Winter ski touring retreats. 
Mixed group and private bespoke group retreats are designed around ski touring in the mornings and a mix of innovative training sessions in the afternoons. 
Ski touring or skinning; climbing uphill on skis, offers a completely new way of viewing and experiencing the vast ski resort of Verbier. Afternoons are a balance of HIIT @ 2200m; bodyweight circuits focused on cardio and strengthening exercises, TRX circuits and yoga to end the day. This offers a fun, challenging new experience for both skiers and snowboarders, wanting to try something new, push their physical boundaries and enjoy a fitness kick.
Private bespoke retreats include hut to hut experiences and routes are completely tailored around your fitness and a ski/snowboard ability, so you can enjoy those powder turns!
Winter retreats are run with a fully qualified guide.

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