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Outside climbing

With 560 routes and 30 climbing sites, some breathtaking climbs await you in the region. In this magnificent setting, seasoned climbers can conquer new peaks, while beginners practice new skills on the outdoor climbing walls. VERBIER brings pleasure within your grasp!

Given its close proximity to the resort, La Barme makes an ideal playground. This large rock rises out of the forest near Saint-Christophe and offers both 120 metre courses and a climber's paradise with many top ropes. There are a total of 71 routes, ranked from 4 to 7.

The much loftier Pierre Avoi provides just as many opportunities, but in a more impressive setting. A number of pinnacles surrounding the main summit allow the climber safely to work up to the main challenge. There are 35 routes, with difficulty ranging from 3 to 7+.

In contrast, Pierre Avoi itself is synonymous with a much greater adrenaline "rush". The routes on the northern face overlook the Rhone valley and can sometimes make the climber feel like a bird. Lovers of extreme sensations can choose among 11 routes rated between 5 and 6c. Intrepid climbers may be very surprised to meet hikers and children at the end of the ascent--which, however, is not unusual, as there is a hiking path with ladders that allows anyone to reach the top.

In the Bagnes valley, near the road from Bonatchiesse to Mauvoisin, the Madzeiria sector is another favourite schooling ground, with 28 routes from 10 to 150 metre ranked at a difficulty of 3 to 7 or more. About fifty other routes are located in four nearby sectors bearing poetic names: Le Tsè des Barmes, Les Boutzes du Pleureur, Les Minis Boutzes and Le Bourrot.
Some other routes can be found near Plamproz, below Fionnay, and at Sarreyer or Col des Gentianes.

- Chemin : nice and easy climbing
- Trappistes : major and hard section

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