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Pâtisserie de la Poste

The Patisserie de la Poste was founded in 1971 by Mr. Martial Bircher, and has been providing high quality, homemade, local products to clients ever since, remaining true to traditional production methods.
In 1994, Mr. Robert Corthay took over management of the bakery – committed to the same principles and philosophy as his predecessor – and enhanced the production methods to take advantage of new techniques in the baking profession.
The Patisserie de la Poste became household name, widely recognized throughout the region. By carefully listening to the needs of customers, and always prioritizing seasonal Swiss products, their reputation for quality flourishes. 
The transmission of knowledge across generations continues to this day. In 2015 Mr. Nicolas Micheli took on the leadership of the bakery as head pastry chef, with an immense motivation to share his experience with employees and customers. Honoring the heritage of the business, Nicholas continues to innovate and to foster the positive evolution of the bakery.
In this day and age of industrial production, the Patisserie de la Poste is proud to offer high-quality, homemade products after all these years. Come and discover their fresh local products, made by a team of passionate professionals. You will be taken by the charming atmosphere, and no doubt conquered by the delicious treats that await you! 
"Happiness is when time stops"


Pâtisserie - confiserie de la Poste
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1936 Verbier

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