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Ravier Marie-Christine

Ericksonian therapy is the therapy of change, I accompany you to find the movement you wish for yourself and which you have not been able to access through your own initiative.  It is allowing you to walk with new energy, to find the freedom to face challenges, the freedom to be who you are, to carry out the changes you want, to learn to know yourself better and develop your capacities so as to have access to your resources in full autonomy.

Ericksonian Hypnosis is suitable for adults, adolescents and children as from the age of six.
It accompanies all persons wishing to find solutions for change, for improved performance, seeking improved well-being or overcoming specific blocked situations such as:

- Lack of self-confidence or self-esteem
- Dependence on alcohol, tobacco and other substances, overeating…
- Chronic pain under medical control (learning pain management through self-hypnosis and psychological support) 
- Learning difficulties, memory disorders,lack of motivation
- Stress, burn-out, anxiety, insomnia, fear, shyness, aggressiveness, phobia (of work, of speaking in public…)
- Enuresis
- Bereavements, divorces, traumas
The consultation framework
You are consulting for a specific need that you have not been able to solve. It is you that know what is really important for yourself. Therefore, at the very beginning of the consultation we clearly trace the framework and together validate the feasibility and ecology of your objective. I then guide you through hypnosis to reach and experiment the solution you have chosen in complete harmony with yourself and fully respecting your choices. Under hypnosis, you are in a hyper receptive state, you are not asleep and are capable at any moment of expressing your agreement or disagreement with what is happening. You validate every step. You live the experience you want and this will inscribe a kind of new learning process, a new perception within yourself that will henceforth be part of you and which you can draw upon spontaneously. It will be like a new reflex in a given situation. 

The consultation (1h30) takes place in a consulting room at Verbier, at home and in Paris once per month.

Consultation in businesses (whole-day or half-day consultation) in Valais, Geneva & Lausanne. 

More detailed information on or dial +41 79 817 65 67



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