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The Parish Church of Le Châble-4065
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The Parish Church of Le Châble

The parish church of Saint Maurice de Bagnes.

The current building was constructed in the early 16th century while the bell tower is slightly older and was built at the end of the 15th century. The work began in 1488 and is believed to have been completed in 1496.
Other buildings clearly preceded the current church but we have no knowledge of the number, style or size, nor any details on the dates or circumstances of their construction. There was a church in Bagnes in the 12th century. It is listed amongst the possessions of the Abbey of St-Maurice in a papal bull by Pope Alexander III, dated 1178. Based on the current status of research, it is difficult to determine how the succession of the various churches took place. Was each one demolished or were major or minor repairs carried out?
The construction of the current church took around half a century, which was due as much to financial reasons as to technical ones. The parish bore the entire cost of the work.


Eglise paroissiale du Châble


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