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Verbier Addict

It has been inspired by the different types of energy to be found in the resort and the high points of its ski area.

You’ll find a large selection of clothing, including t-shirts, polo shirts and hats, plus other articles in the colours of this new brand aimed at everyone who is fanatical about Verbier.

These products are available at our new Verbier Addict pop-up store in the Médran Café.

You can also buy a ski pass or reserve your locker at this new point of sale.

For this season, the brand has released a new apparel collection sporting expressions in the local ‘Bagnes’ patois.

1. Bôneu (audio)

An brëtse du bôneu !
In pursuit of happiness

2. Krapoteïn (audio)

Sé krapoteïn ë lësto komin oùna vardzasse.
This little rascal is as nimble as a squirrel.

3. Nai (audio)

Nai boùrlâye
Neige brûlée

Nai in poeushla
Powdery snow

Nai frëtse
Fresh snow

Nai dura
Hard-packed snow

Nai sëtse
Fine wind-bourne snow

Nai krotâye
Snow with a frozen crust

Nai shlâra
Nai doeushle
Soft snow

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