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How to get the VIP PASS?

The Verbier Infinite Playground Pass is issued free of charge to all guests staying a minimum of one night in the region and paying the tourist tax. Offer valid from June to October 2019.

- If you are staying in professional accommodation (hotel, agency, BnB, campsite):
The card will be handed to you directly by your accommodation provider when you check-in 

- If you are staying in private accommodation or a mountain hut:
If you are staying in private accommodation or a mountain hut, you can get your card from the tourist offices in Verbier or Le Châble. You must let them know as soon as you arrive in order to benefit from the offers throughout your entire stay.
In certain exceptional cases, the cards may be sent to the mountain huts, subject to certain restrictions.

- The VIP Pass is also available for the residents of the municipality of Bagnes :
CHF 60.-/child (6-16)
CHF 120.-/adult
On sale at the Tourist Offices.

Second home owner (R2)

- Basic principle: a second home owner (R2) is eligible for 1 personal VIP Pass per season per property (a property on which the tourist tax is paid), up to a maximum of 6 properties.
- The VIP PASS can be activated once the pass has been paid for.
- From the 7th to the 10th property, if no name can be provided, three VIP PASS per additional property can be allocated to the R2 (on request). Each VIP PASS is valid on the cable cars for one day in summer.

verbier infinite playground pass

General terms and conditions


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Phone and email permanence:
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