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Tourist tax: new regulations

The new tourist tax regulation has been approved by the local associations, the local government authorities (council and parliament) and the Cantonal Council of Valais. The new tax came into force on 1 November 2016.

The main changes are:
1.     Amounts
                                Verbier                       Val de Bagnes
Adults           :          CHF 4.-                       CHF 3.-
Children        :          CHF 2.-                       CHF 1.50 (from 6 to 16year old)
For group accommodation (Verbier and Val de Bagnes), the tax comes to CHF 1.50 for adults and CHF 0.75 for children aged 6–16.
2.   The flat-rate tax for owners is calculated on the basis of the number of rooms. It is determined on the basis of the tourist tax of CHF 4 (Verbier) or CHF 3 (Val de Bagnes) respectively and the average occupancy rate over 40 days in the relevant category of accommodation (base factor = CHF 160 for Verbier and CHF 120 for Val de Bagnes):
                                                                                            Verbier                           Val de Bagnes
Studio / 1 room                                                                CHF       320.-                   CHF       240.-
Accommodation with 2 rooms                                         CHF       480.-                   CHF       360.-
Accommodation with 3 rooms                                         CHF       640.-                   CHF       480.-
Accommodation with 4 rooms                                         CHF       800.-                   CHF       600.-
Accommodation with 5 rooms                                         CHF       960.-                   CHF       720.-
Accommodation with 6 rooms                                         CHF     1120.-                   CHF       840.-
Accommodation with 7 rooms                                         CHF     1280.-                   CHF       960.-
Accommodation with 8 rooms                                         CHF     1440.-                   CHF     1080.-
Accommodation with 9 or more rooms                            CHF     1600.-                   CHF     1200.-
3.   Long-term rentals pay the same flat-rate tax as owners.
4.   The amounts collected per night for each property that is rented out occasionally or commercially will be deducted from the owner’s bill for the following year up to the amount of the annual flat-rate tax.
5. There is no change regarding exemptions
Read/download the new taxes regulation

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