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[OUR FAVOURITE] Géraldine makes us discover the Bec des Rosses

A look back in video on the mythic Bec des Rosses, playground of the Xtreme Verbier (FWT) to be held from March 23 to 31. 13-03-2019 16:00
[OUR FAVOURITE] Géraldine makes us discover the Bec des Rosses-45189


This week in the series "My Playground" Géraldine Fasnacht takes us to explore the mythic Bec des Rosses, face in which she won three times the Xtreme Verbier. A foretaste of the Grand Finale which will take place on March 23rd to 31st.

Xtreme Verbier is at the origins of freeride. For more than 20 years now, this incredible competition has brought together the most daring freeriders, those who take the top places in the Freeride World Tour, of which Xtreme is the grand finale. The future world champions launch themselves off the Bec des Rosses, the dizzying and stony face of which helps fuel the madcap competition’s reputation.

To be the best, the freeriders need to demonstrate great technique and outdo themselves in front of over 6,000 astounded spectators.

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