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[OUR FAVOURITE] Picnic with a view

Val de Bagnes is basically one huge picnic spot – it’s pretty everywhere. So how do you choose? 09-05-2019 15:00
[OUR FAVOURITE] Picnic with a view-41923

Now that you know how to make a bad ass picnic (if you haven’t read it you can find it here) it would be a good thing to get an idea where to can bring it. Well, we decided to mix the obvious and the random in order to take you discover 3 different corners of (they’re not really corners but you get the point) of the region. So, lace your best walking shoes up and grab your backpack and hop along!


La Pierre Avoi

This will qualify as the obvious choice. But we mean just look at this place, does it get any more astonishing than this? Right, we didn’t think so. The view is particularly breath-taking at sunrise and sunset. So, we chose to get up early and catch the first rays of sunlight since the weather has been kind of moody in the evenings lately.

If you want to see the sunrise, we suggest that you drive (which isn’t the most ecological option, we know) up to the of Savoleyres and then walk the last bit up to the top. It will take you 20-30 minutes depending on your pace. We were a bit late and got scared to miss the whole show, so we sprinted up in a little less than 15 minutes (which made us spit our lungs for a bit, but we got up on time!). We wouldn’t classify the route as extreme, but if heights make you uncomfortable it might be a little challenging. It’s well worth the effort though! Like, could you imagine any better way to start your day?



The little hameau of Bonatchiesse is truly a little gem of Val de Bagnes. It’s situated between Fionnay and Mauvoisin and you instantly get into a state of calm when you get there (thank you nature!). You can put up your picnic on one of the big rocks next to la Dranse or walk a little further away from the houses to get closer to the trees. We chose the last option which enabled us to contemplate the whole scenery.

This is a family friendly spot. You could say that it’s like a huge natural playground for small and big kids (big kids as in adults). There are some good climbing spots and plenty of space for whatever games you would like to play. There’s also a big chance that you’ll see a marmot or two since they seem to be quite unbothered about human company. The access is really easy. The Post Bus takes you right to the village and there is plenty of place to park if you go there by car.

Le Hatay

Sometimes things don’t really go according to plan. We wanted to enjoy the sunset at St-Christophe but the weather had other plans for us. After having prepared the food, a minor thunderstorm (which apparently was the worst storm of the year in Valais) came in and kind of ruined that. But, since we were already all set and the true meaning of chocolate out of shit is to make things work whatever the situation. We rerouted and headed up to Le Hatay instead.

None of us had been here for a very long time, so it was a nice little nostalgy trip. The place is very well equipped with big tables and place to grill (even though it’s forbidden to make fire at the moment). And thanks to the roof you can enjoy your picnic by any weather! It’s situated above Clambin and the access is really easy and you get a good glimpse of the Combins. Bring some candles to increase the level of cosiness and voilà!


Thanks for reading!



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