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Panora'Malt - The concerts


Saturday 3rd August

Mystic Sons - 3.30 PM

We can easily imagine the Swiss Mystic Sons in the middle of the Californian desert, sipping warm beers in their dilapidated caravan.
With their mix of Blues, Stoner and Desert Rock, the trio invites us to travel into arid psychedelic lands, where the only movement is that of tumbleweed wandering with the wind.
Since 2015, the group has toured the local scenes and opened for artists such as Brant Bjork, Wo Fat, La Muerte, Kikagaku Moyo, Mammoth Mammoth and Sasquatch. After a tour in Russia at the end of 2016, Mystic Sons focused on the composition and recording of their first album. Released on June 1st, 2018, this self-titled album got noticed on the international Stoner scene, accounting for over 200,000 streams in less than a year.

The Dead Shaman - 5.30 PM

The Dead Shamans are a guitar, bass and drums trio formed in 2011. This band is instrumental and draws its inspiration from the stoner and heavy blues genre popularised by Black Sabbath.
They recorded their first demo in 2012 in digital format only.
On their new tracks, there is a stronger vocal presence, the tempo is faster and the sound is more rock’n’roll and punk.


Sunday 4th August

The Newgate's Knocker - 3.30 PM

Taking their name from an old English expression meaning completely black, The Newgate’s Knocker are a rock group playing striking, heavy riffs with a touch of psychedelia. Combining cutting lyrics, edgy attitude and explosive live energy, the band made up of Loïc, Maxime and Baptiste produce a powerful, vintage and uncompromising sound.

Tim and the Thieves - 5.30 PM

Having each done their time on the regional circuits, this trio built around the tracks of Tim D are moving on to something darker. Leather and sweat – the suffocating odours of rock’n’roll – and inescapable charisma.


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