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Snowpark and Thrilling Courses!

In the Verbier area (La Chaux), freestylers can slide to their heart’s content at the snowpark open until the end of April. Revel in the various challenges the park has to offer (kickers, rails, boxes, big air, mini half-pipe, etc.), as well as a big air bag perfect for learning new tricks. Suitable for all levels, it is safe, secure and maintained every day.
Also near the snowpark are the Audi Skicross Park and a mini Kilometre Sprint (KL) for you to challenge your friends.

In the La Tzoumaz area, the Audi quattro funslope is the ideal place for children to learn the basics of freestyle and enjoy tackling a course strewn with obstacles and other elements. Winter sports fans can tackle this fun 440m course on the Taillay slopes at an altitude of 2,226m. That includes a 10m-long twister and a 15m-long curved wall ride. The 23 other elements (banked turns, jumps and a tunnel cutting through the Funslope, amongst others) all guarantee a sensational experience.


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