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Our history

The history of our territory and its development are strongly linked to tourism, particularly to ski tourism over the winter.

The year 1927 marks the official start of skiing in Verbier. Although people had already been flocking to the slopes situated above the village, this year marked the real beginnings of a tourist activity. The first hotels were developed in the centre of the village. The Swiss Ski School Verbier was established six years later to meet growing demand from tourists and visitors for training on the slopes. 1935 marked a turning point, with the road leading from Le Châble to Verbier village finally completed. However, it would be another fourteen years before the road would reach the Verbier resort. 1937 saw the creation of the Verbier Development Society, which would later establish and manage the Verbier Tourist Office.

Discover more about about the important historical dates of tourism in our destination before, after and today below!

1857 - 1937

1950 - 2020