Enjoy life in the great outdoors

Forget everyday life and unwind in the mountains for a weekend with friends.

If everyday life feels like being a washing machine and leaves you in a constant swirl, bring along a few friends and escape for a couple of days into the great outdoors. What a joy it is to feel alive again when you’re in contact with flora and fauna. Verbier and the natural heritage of the Valaisan Alps have plenty of surprises in store for you.

Between family and social life, work, planning and managing daily tasks, do you feel the need to take a break? Why don’t you take a few friends and go to the mountains to recharge your batteries? Lush green pastures, yoga at sunrise, local crafts, tasting regional specialities and above all… relaxation. Verbier with all its facets can offer you an amazing, infinite playground!

It’s decided! You and your friends are on your way to Val de Bagnes. Three full days on the agenda dedicated to life’s pleasures. First stop is Le Châble, where a taxi awaits to take you to Vollèges for an excursion full of delicious treats. Because you love all kinds of cheese, you’ve invited your friends to watch the process of making this authentic local produce. First, you head to the Fromagerie d’Etiez cheese dairy, which includes a guided tour and tasting, then it’s onto the Tronc mountain pasture. This is a true homecoming where you get to meet the Hérens cows and their herders.

The afternoon is just beginning when you leave your suitcase at the end of the bed that you’ll sleep in for the next two nights. This weekend is dedicated to your wellbeing and you have chosen to spend it at Chalet d’Adrien. High up in the hills of Verbier, surrounded by nature, this enormous refuge with its wood panelling and antique furniture combines comfort and picturesque charm to guarantee you a truly exceptional stay. The view is breathtaking and the swimming pool immediately catches your eye. You can spend a good part of the afternoon here and finish the day with a delicious meal on the terrace. The next morning’s activity is the main subject of your discussions… As yoga enthusiasts, you’ve signed up to take part in a highly unusual class given by free-rider Emilien Badoux at the summit of Mont-Fort facing the sunrise!

The alarm clock goes off at dawn, and you take the hotel shuttle bus in the dark followed by the ski lifts. The day gradually brightens as you emerge onto the deck of the Mont-Fort cable car station at 3,300 m. The scenery is spectacular and calming. The immensity of the mountain, along with its beauty and its ruggedness, creates the ideal conditions for you to focus on yourself and to draw energy from the experience. As you perform your salutation, the sun is just on the horizon, casting its rays on the surrounding majestic peaks. The poses follow one after another, giving you a sense of wellbeing that lingers with you all day. But the day has only just begun and hunger is starting to creep in.

After an invigorating breakfast at the Col des Gentianes, you decide to walk along the Bisse du Levron to head back down towards the resort. This ancient irrigation canal, which is typically Valaisan, takes you on a gentle path through the pastures, giving you the chance to learn more about the fauna and flora, while at the same time being respectful of this environment that you hold so dear. The outdoor sculptures on display between La Chaux and Les Ruinettes add to the enjoyment of the walk. Upstream of the Levron ravine and its famous waterfall lies La Marlénaz restaurant, a magnificent mountain chalet in the heart of wild nature, inviting you to take a break. This you do with great pleasure, just to sample a delicious Valaisan meal followed by traditional röstis or other house specialities.

At the end of the day – after a well-deserved break at the Chalet d’Adrien spa – you walk to the centre of the village to visit the Brasserie V Bier, where you can enjoy a beer tasting. It’s fascinating to find out more about how this microbrewery produces its beer with pure mountain water! You can then choose to eat out in one of the many restaurants in this cosmopolitan resort and head back to the hotel by shuttle bus, full of the fantastic moments you’ve experienced together.

The perfect activity to end your stay-  “From the plant to relaxation” – is the understanding of regional plants combined with wellbeing. You found this offer on the Association Paysans/Artisans de Sarreyer website and are hoping to get to know these Val de Bagnes folk better. The experience includes creating your own herbal massage oil in a distillery in Sarreyer, a meal at the Mont-Fort Café in the centre of the village, followed by a relaxing massage with the finished oil – all you need to go home relaxed and refreshed! On our side, we kept our promise: In Verbier, anything is possible.

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