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A sunrise with local flavours, in the company of Emily Vaudan

Our ambassadors love their region and love to spread the passion. A seasoned trail runner with many competition medals to her credit, Emily Vaudan has long been criss-crossing Verbier’s paths which she knows like the back of her hand. Who better to accompany you on the Six Blanc trails to witness a spectacular sunrise?

3:45 a.m.: an ungodly early start, but you know it’s worth it. It’s still dark. Silence reigns as you join your group at Le Châble. In the taxi taking you to the Six Blanc stables – the starting point for your hike – the nodding heads and steady breathing tell you that some of your companions are snatching a few more minutes’ sleep.

But now you’re there. You clamber out of the taxi, stretch your still sleepy muscles, take in a few deep breaths of fresh mountain air… That’s it, you’re ready for the off! With your way ahead lit by your headtorch and guided by sure-footed Emily, you head off towards Six Blanc. The walking seems to get easier and your steps feel lighter as your body gradually limbers up. As you stride out, nature also seems to be rousing itself from its slumbers. The occasional sounds of animals here, a lightening patch of sky there… there is magic in hearing the world as it wakes.

At last, you see it! It’s taken just under two hours of walking to reach your goal: the 2,400m-high summit of Six Blanc. Your stomach rumbles in expectation of what’s coming: a breakfast of local specialities. Comfortably ensconced, with bread and honey in one hand and a nice hot cup of tea in the other, you take in the spectacular scene laid out before your eyes. Little by little, the sky takes on a rosy hue. Then the first rays of sunlight start to rise from behind the peaks. Your breath taken away, you almost forget to eat.

Suspended in time, you’d like to stay a while, just a little longer… But down there below, life goes on and the rest of your day awaits. Buoyed by the energy of this unique experience, you embark on the descent, initially on foot as far as Moay and then in a cable car to Le Châble, convinced that you have just enjoyed a breakfast that will remain in your memory as one of the finest ever.

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