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E‑bike yoga

Our ambassadors love their region and love to spread the passion. Professional snowboarder, world freeride champion and yoga teacher, Emilien Badoux has created the ideal activity for you to combine discovering the region and getting back to the elemental.

E-bikes are a perfect way of exploring the area around Verbier. Discreet, accessible and with the power to go anywhere, they allow you to blend into the natural world without disturbing its tranquillity. The battery is there to help you if and when you need it, but using an e-bike is still a sporty option.

Your day starts in Place Blanche, a stone’s throw from the Médran cable car stop, where you and your group saddle up. You warm up on the fine route du Soleil [literally “Route of the Sun”], which leads you to the Upper Val de Bagnes; a favourite of nature lovers and people who appreciate all that’s genuine. Your destination? Sarreyer, a typical little village with slate roofs that glisten on the sunny slope.

Once there, you fork off onto the Mayens de Sarreyer road, and the going gets a bit steeper and slightly more challenging. Fortunately, you’ve been economical with your e-bike’s battery, so you can turn the power-assist up a notch. The climb gets easier and you can focus on the beauty of the landscape around you.

Arriving in La Chaux, you can see that the effort of getting up here was well worth it. The view is breathtaking! This splendid and peaceful plateau is the perfect setting for a yoga session led by Emilien. Inspired by the energy of the place, your breathing slows down, your body relaxes and you feel back in touch with yourself and the natural world around you.

A few postures later, it’s time to get back on the saddle. You’re not going very far: just back up the track towards the twists and turns of La Chaux. There, your yoga session continues with some meditation. The sound of the water, the rippling of the stream and the gentle breeze all induce calm and reflection.

Relaxed and rested, you notice that the morning’s activities have whetted your appetite and you take out your picnic with some pleasure. Reenergised by this friendly moment together, you are quite ready to take the road back to Verbier, where your adventure comes to a close.

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