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Raclette for beginners course by Eddy Baillifard

Legend has it that one cold day a shepherd left his cheese a bit too close to the fire. Nevertheless, he ate the resulting melted cheese and thought it tasted just fine. Raclette was born!

Since then, the method has been developed and perfected, to the point where it has become an art which maestro Eddy Baillifard is willing and able to teach you. The ambassador of this typical Valais cheese and a great proponent of local products in Bruson’s Raclett’House restaurant since 2015, Eddy is one of the region’s unmissable personalities.

You start with the basics! Every good student knows that before you get onto the practical work, it’s important to master some sound theoretical principles. It’s a chance to learn a bit more about this famous, yet little-known, cheese. Where does it come from? How’s it made? How do you take care of it? And how long does it keep? And, above all, what equipment does the perfect “racleur” need? From the alpine meadow to the plate, you’ll learn a little more about the secrets of raclette cheese.

Now, let’s get serious about this. A good raclette requires precision, and all the senses come into play when you have to decide the moment has come to scrape (“racler”). You listen out for when the cheese starts to crackle. You look out for the first bubbles and signs of browning. That’s it, it’s ready! A quick sliding motion with the back of the knife, and there you have it! Go on now, it’s your turn to try.

Once you’ve mastered the movement, the long-awaited moment is here: the tasting! Eddy’s raclette is a real treat. Contented and replete, you can go home with pride, with a new string to your bow and a certificate as an expert racleur to prove it.