©Raphaël Surmont

The Col de Mille, an iconic itinerary in the tracks of Ludo May

Our ambassadors love their region and love to spread the passion. This summer, Ludo May has planned an enduro bike outing to introduce you to the beauty of the wild landscapes around Bruson.

Your guide for this activity is none other than the hero of the “Ludo and His Bike” series on YouTube. Ludo is an enduro champion living in Villette. He’s ridden every one of the resort’s roads, tracks and trails. Today, he’d like you to get on your bike and set off on a journey to discover one of his favourite places.

Bruson is a typical mountain village at the upper end of the Val de Bagnes. With its 400 or so year-round inhabitants and its stone and wood chalets, it’s a peaceful and authentic place for visitors. The area round the village, which is difficult to get to by car, is full of incredible single-track trails through wild landscapes where the rest of the world seems miles and miles away.

Sounds interesting? Meet at 9:20 a.m. at Le Châble where, after a final check of your equipment, the day starts with a fairly easy climb. In fact, you’re going to Moay… by bus or cable car! But don’t relax too much, the serious stuff is about to start.

Once you’re at Moay, you set off on the climb up to the Col de Mille, a net ascent of about a thousand metres, which you tackle in just under two-and-a-half hours. Your calves are warming up, you’re breathing hard, but no worries: the view of the majestic Mont Blanc massif takes your mind off everything else.

At last, you’ve arrived at the Cabane de Mille, where you and the group stop for a break to replenish and rebuild your strength with a delicious meal prepared specially for you. Situated at the crossing point of several tracks, the Cabane de Mille is the ideal place for a refuelling stop, providing a matchless panoramic view of the region.  And you never know, the wardens may have some stories to tell, to add spice to your meal…

But it’s not all about climbing: you now have to get back to Le Châble, some 1,600 metres below. And off you go! Ludo guides you all the way down and gives you some very useful hints on the best way to do it. At one point, your group stops at the renowned Goli de Servay, a little mountain lake with crystal-clear water. The hardier among you might like to take a refreshing dip in those 8ºC waters.

The day is gently coming to an end, and you finally get to Le Châble at about 4 p.m., tired but happy after a day you have filled with memories, experiences and beautiful images.