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It’s the little details that matter

For a chic and unforgettable stay, relaxation, gastronomy and one-of-a-kind experiences are the order of the day.

Surprise your loved ones and make them happy. Give them something extra special. Stay in comfy accommodation where every little detail has been carefully thought out. Eat delicious food. Unwind somewhere that encourages relaxation. This is Verbier, a place that fulfills your every desire.

There’s nothing better than starting off the week in style with a stay in the mountains. Once the weekend crowds have headed home, you can enjoy a certain amount of exclusivity. Escape the stresses of everyday life and indulge in your favourite sport – golf – while enjoying good company. With all of this and much more, Verbier offers you an amazing and infinite playground!

It’s a Monday morning like no other. As soon as you wake up, you look out the window and feel yourself being filled with gratitude: lush green pastures and peaks covered with eternal snow create a breathtaking vision. You and a few friends arrived the night before and you’re already enjoying the comforts of your sumptuous Lagom Sustainable apartment. The day is off to a great start. You’ve put together the perfect agenda. Your Verbier Infinite Playground Pass – given to you by the resort – provides unlimited access to the lifts. And you’re not going to leave the apartment without it. You hired an event agency and  you’re meeting up with them on the alpine pastures, just a few short steps from one of the cable car stations. To do what? Enjoy a delicious meal prepared especially for you by a local chef in a rural setting. Everything has been planned to ensure that you have the best time possible. The table has been tastefully laid and decorated with delicate bouquets of wildflowers. Shade sails have been stretched across to protect you from the sun, giving the whole place a magical feel. Different dishes follow one after the other, each vying to win over your taste buds with finesse. You continue to spend the rest of the afternoon in this enchanting setting before heading back to the resort by lift.

Golf is on the agenda for your second day. You’re all excellent players, so you opt for the Esserts course, famous for its technicality, in the hills above Verbier. Thanks to the VIP Pass, you also get a 20% discount on the green fees. Throughout the 18 holes, you can admire the scenery – the surrounding massifs are simply majestic. After a 5 kilometre-long game, you enjoy a sandwich and salad at the clubhouse before rushing back to your apartment to grab a shower. Now it’s time for a truly unique experience! You’ll spend an hour in the company of Michelin-starred Chef Sebastiano Lombardi in the kitchen at Chalet d’Adrien. You and your companion both love haute cuisine, so you’ll enjoy preparing delicious dishes for your friends. This evening, you’re going to be cooking together and enjoying organic eggs prepared at a low temperature accompanied by asparagus and morel mushrooms. Your mouth waters just thinking about it.

You’ve decided to spend your third day in this Valaisan resort chilling out and relaxing. You’ve opted for the Away Spa, whose only purpose is to make you forget the outside world for a few hours. The ultimate experience where you’ll be pampered and massaged. The late afternoon takes on a slightly more active feel. You may have noticed that the VIP Pass includes a very welcome visit, at aperitif time, to the V Bier brewery, a microbrewery where the beer is brewed on site using pure Alpine mountain water. After beer tasting, you then head to La Cordée restaurant where you take your seat at the “chef’s table”. This is the place to sit and watch the kitchen brigade at work while you sample delicious creations from Chef Fabrice Taulier. It’s on this gourmet note that your stay comes to an end. These three days have fulfilled you on every level. Your dreams became reality. And even reality exceeded your expectations. On our side, we kept our promise: In Verbier, anything’s possible.

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