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When high mountain getaway rhymes with adrenaline

Do you know all four walls of your apartment like the back of your hand? Are you craving fresh air and excitement? Do you need to inject some spice into your daily routine? Come and join us in Verbier, a paradise for extreme sports, and experience some moments you’ll never forget.

The Valais resort is famous, among other things, for its mountain bike routes. You’ve planned everything, and you set off with your trusty mount. It’s quite early in the morning as you board a post bus heading for Le Châble, where you’ve booked a small hotel with a youthful, relaxed vibe: A Lârze. So what’s your plan? Drop off your bike and your gear there because the first day’s schedule is something else. At the reception desk, you also pick up the holy grail of your stay: a Verbier Infinite Playground Pass! The VIP Pass, for those in the know, gives you free access to the ski lifts.

You’re looking up at the sky. Totally cloudless, it looks like a beautiful day. Perfect. The thought of your morning’s activity already sends a shiver down your spine. Your rendezvous is scheduled for 10 a.m. at AlpskyDive, not far from the hotel. You’ll be provided with equipment and instructions, and you’ll head for… Châble heliport! And yes, it’s a freefall jump that’s on the menu today! The helicopter climbs up to 4,000 m and then it’s the descent, in tandem of course, with professional, experienced skydiving pilots! It takes 40 seconds to dive at a speed of 200 km/h. Your heart beats faster, but you still find time to enjoy the breathtaking panorama that stretches out in front of your eyes. It’s not every day you get to see the Alps from above!

You’re still trembling and amazed that you’re no longer part of the AlpskyDive team. The gondola that connects Le Châble to Verbier is just a stone’s throw away. You take it, wander through the narrow streets of the resort where you find a charming restaurant so you can enjoy a refreshing drink. After a full belly, you feel ready to set out again on your adventures. The VIP Pass allows you to try several activities at a discounted rate, and one of them is a real eye-opener: the Hanging Trail. Starting from a 12-metre high tower, you pick the toughest course with its extremely steep zip line and a 9-metre jump into the void. Next time you come, I promise, you’ll also be able to try out the zip line that will stretch from Mont-Fort to the Col des Gentianes (in the autumn of 2020)! Towards the end of the afternoon, you’ll head back to your hotel, where you can spend a relaxed evening, and perhaps meet some friends by the fire, so you can pick up some useful tips for your next day’s mountain bike outing.

As soon as the first rays of sunshine appear, you’re on your feet, excited at the prospect of another busy day. After a delicious breakfast, you pack your things and head back to Verbier, via the gondola – with a free ride or 50% off with your bike – thanks to the VIP Pass. One mode of aerial transport follows another, accompanied by your mountain bike, taking you to the foot of Mont-Fort. The Cabane of the same name, where you booked your next night, is just below the cable car station. You drop off your bags there and pick up your new VIP Pass. And now it’s time for that crazy sport you love so much: mountain biking! After a first technical enduro itinerary, you continue to the Bike Park where you can enjoy a series of jumps and ramps.

You catch your breath on the terrace of the Dahu and enjoy some local specialities while taking in the view. In the afternoon, repeat the same and do it again – this time using the services of a Bike guide. Their advice and familiarity with the region lets you discover the best and most famous mountain bike trails in total confidence. When you arrive at the Cabane Mont-Fort, you’re welcomed with open arms by the caretaker, Daniel Bruchez, and his team. Staying a night in the high mountains is guaranteed to be an exceptional and memorable experience, with some regional delicacies and unforgettable conversations among locals.

When you wake up at an altitude of 2,500 m, you have to start early in the morning, then feast your eyes on the magnificent panorama as, little by little, it starts getting lighter. Head back to Verbier by the lift and lock up your backpack before taking the cable car to Savoleyres. Today, you’ve opted to swap your mountain bike for an Arapaho scooter, the queen of the mountains, and hurtle off to La Tzoumaz. The rush is back on, it’s a total blast! On the way back, you stop on the terrace of the Croix-de-Coeur restaurant to enjoy a delicious cheese fondue.

Climbing the Pierre-Avoi peak high above Verbier accompanied by an experienced mountain guide will be the finishing touch to your stay. And your heart is bursting at the seams, still pounding with the emotions you’ve experienced, as you take the bus back home, ready to return as soon as you get the chance. We’ve kept our promise: In Verbier, anything is possible.

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