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London's Calling

Promoting remote working by example: Verbier Tourisme's unusual (but very serious!) new project.

Yes, you read that right. From 25 to 30 September, Verbier Tourisme and its partners will move their offices exactly 806 km from its natural habitat, not to visit, but to work.

We pondered, where to put our computers? Where to set up our second home? The answer is almost natural for Verbier: London, more precisely at Iron Bloom in the Shoreditch area, on Great Eastern Street.

In the end, as our job is to help people discover, appreciate and enjoy Verbier, we are offering a rich programme throughout the week, aimed at travel professionals, journalists, people looking for a destination for this winter, lovers of Verbier or just people passing through.


How does it work?

To make Verbier truly Verbier, even in London, we are bringing along the people who make Verbier what it is every day: our events, our musicians, our chefs, our sommeliers, our brewers, our hoteliers, our cheese and local produces, our very own celebrities and above all our energy.

During the day, Verbier Tourisme will welcome professionals and the curious in its temporary offices. When the night comes, the workspaces will give way to a bar, music and raclette in the heart of London. We look forward to welcoming you!