Verbier Tourisme commits to sustainability

Verbier Tourisme is committed to taking care of its ecosystem in the long term. In this space, discover the initiatives of the destination and Verbier Tourisme’s partners that are labelled in the field of sustainable development.

Committed to an environmental, economic and social approach alongside the Val de Bagnes municipality, we are pursuing the following goals together:

  • To offer guests high-quality, innovative and inspiring experiences all year round
  • To prioritise  inhabitants’ quality of life and promote the local economy while preserving its environment and landscape, as well as our biodiversity.

In Verbier Tourisme, we are committed, through concrete initiatives, to taking care of our environment sustainably and satisfying our customers’ requests. This portal is an initial step to raise awareness of sustainability by offering visibility to the organisations involved.

Within the framework of the Swisstainable sustainability programme (designed by the Swiss Tourism Federation), we are meeting the following objectives:

  • Drawing up a carbon report
  • Drafting a responsible procurement policy
  • Assessing our partners’ sustainable commitment

These actions are under way and will be continued within the framework of Verbier Tourisme’s marketing strategy, as well as the Tourism Master Plan, with the vision of “becoming a benchmark among four-season sustainable mountain tourist destinations”.


Welcome to our world of tourist decoration, where art meets sustainability to create memorable, environmentally-friendly experiences.

Verbier Tourisme is working with Design Floral, a local company renowned for its expertise and creativity, to enhance our local area.  Faustine, a talented florist, decorator and plant designer, uses her imagination to create unique works of art, while Jacko, a talented jack-of-all-trades, combines his skills in landscaping, civil engineering and carpentry to bring out the best in each location with a touch of finesse.

Design Floral is committed to working with the region’s artists and craftspeople. With a view to sustainability, they favour the use of Swiss products, thereby promoting the local economy. But their commitment goes beyond simply selecting materials. They give a second life to waste by transforming it into original works of art, minimising its impact on the environment.

Adopting an up-cycling approach, Design Floral cleverly reuses old decorations to create new installations. The light fittings used to embellish the leisure park’s ice rink, mainly salvaged from former public decorations, are a case in point, demonstrating their commitment to waste reduction.

Each new creation is designed to be reusable and modular, offering flexibility that adapts to the changing seasons and needs of our region. For example, for the winter of 2023-24, Design Floral came up with fir tree ornaments inspired by the compass rose, adding a poetic and elegant touch to our outdoor spaces, while promoting the reuse and transformation of materials.

Thanks to Design Floral’s expertise, each tourist decoration project becomes a real work of art and demonstrates our commitment to sustainability.


Verbier Tourisme has deployed “Rangers”, true guardians of nature, who roam the area and work on the ground during the summer. Their mission is to raise visitors’ awareness of the need to live in harmony with our natural environment, while assessing the environmental impact of tourism on our region. Supporting tourism development in the Val de Bagnes, the Rangers play a crucial role in raising awareness among tourists and visitors of the need to respect nature.  

As part of this mission, the Rangers provide valuable local information, highlighting the importance of preserving our natural resources and ecosystem. Their presence on the ground helps to improve the management of areas visited by tourists, particularly mountain pastures and protected areas.

The Rangers’ approach is set apart by its human aspect, favouring direct contact to raise visitors’ awareness. They are there to remind visitors of the rules or inform them about environmentally-friendly behaviour. The difficulties encountered, such as wild camping, damage caused by vehicles or mountain bikes leaving the roads and paths, or anti-social behaviour in terms of rubbish and unauthorised fires and barbecues, emphasise the importance of their presence on the ground to protect our natural heritage.

Through their actions, the Rangers embody the commitment of Verbier Tourisme and the Val de Bagnes municipality towards the environment and sustainability, thereby helping to preserve the beauty of our region for future generations.