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Experience the unlimited

When you look at the mountain, do your eyes focus on the rocky ledges, survey the snowy expanses between the cliffs, and imagine the promise of thrilling descents? Does your mind escape to a place where you’re master of your snowboard in this unforgiving environment? Do you dream of climbing an icy waterfall with crampons and ice axes? Or paragliding from a proud summit that towers above you? Maybe you’re already studying which way the wind blows? Bec des Rosses, Mont Gelé, Six-Blanc, Pointe de Sésal … these are the names of the kingdoms you need to conquer. For this reason, you’ll find your nirvana right here. Verbier with all its facets provides an amazing infinite playground!

You like to challenge yourself and go big! There’s nothing better than sliding down the slopes covered in virgin powder in the early morning – just for the rush of adrenaline, testing your skills on one of the black slopes before throwing some tricks at the nearest snow park! Do you want to grapple with something new and push your limits again? Then why not try a heliski trip? The helicopter drops you on the Pigne d’Arolla or at the top of Petit Combin, rewarding you with a speedy descent back to the resort, far away from the bustling slopes.

An outdoor yoga session gives you the chance to recharge after these exhilarating open-air moments. You’re then ready to join your friends (who also like fresh snow) and feast on a hearty meal so you can refuel for the days ahead. After all, the adventure starts over again tomorrow!

As the new day dawns, you jump out of bed, ready to feel the fear and do it anyway. What trip will you choose today? A snowshoe tour discovering places where no tourist has been before? Or a toboggan run at dusk, torch on your head, thrills and spills guaranteed?

In Verbier, anything’s possible. The world freeride capital is waiting for you so let yourself go!