Bar en neige sur les hauts de VerbierBar en neige sur les hauts de Verbier
©Bar en neige sur les hauts de Verbier|Kando Events

It’s the little details that matter

For you, holidays in the mountains go hand-in-hand with sophisticated comfort, exceptional places to visit and one-of-a-kind experiences. Your motto: please and be pleased. You like to invite your nearest and dearest for great company and to share moments that last a lifetime. Stay in a beautiful chalet that combines tradition and comfort, fly by helicopter to a snowy plateau so you can gather around a table carved from ice, or enjoy fine food in the best restaurants in town. Verbier with all its facets provides an amazing infinite playground!

Sitting in a five-star hotel restaurant, you enjoy a sumptuous breakfast while browsing the day’s news. You let your mind wander so you can figure out how to make the most of what promises to be a glorious day. Do you love skiing but long for that feeling of having the slopes just to yourself and your family? If you want a hideaway where you can enjoy the pleasures of winter sports in peace, event agencies in the region will happily create a tailor-made excursion for you. And what about extending your stay so you can watch the sun set over the Alpine crest while tucking into a mouthwatering aperitif lovingly prepared with the best regional products?

You’ll then be taken back home where – if you feel like it – you can relax in your Jacuzzi before getting ready for dinner. The resort team recommends a restaurant that should thrill even the most sensitive palate. It’s a pleasure to get advice from people who know all about attention to detail, who understand your needs and who know the resort like the back of their hand.

In the days that follow, your choice of activities keeps up to the standard you expect. One morning, sled dogs will take you on a ride and you’ll unlock the secrets of the Bagnes valley. As soon as you get back to the village, you take your family shopping. Shop windows seduce you with the best brands and service is exceptional. To end the day in style, nothing beats a glass of champagne by the fireside or – even better – a heavenly spa session.

In Verbier, anything’s possible. Let yourself be surprised on a daily basis and make your stay a unique, unexpected and unforgettable experience.