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Transport of people, dogs and authorised vehicles on the ski lifts


Authorised or authorised subject to conditions
1 By authorisation of Téléverbier management, outside of operating hours and on goods cable cars only
2 Snow scooters: reins (leash) obligatory, snow scooter must be placed at either end of the seat
3 Descending the piste is forbidden! For hike between Les Ruinettes and La Chaux only.
4 It is allowed to walk with a dog on the hiking trails but it is forbidden to ski on the area with a dog.


Vehicles: Skis Snowboard Pedestrian Dog Hang glider Snow bike Snow scooter Airboard Snow tube Bobsleigh Sledge
Verbier – Les Ruinettes
Gondola Le Châble – Verbier 4
Gondola Médran 1 4 1
Gondola Médran 2 4 3 3
Gondola Chassoure 4
Telemix Chaux-Express (gondola) 4
Telemix Chaux-Express (chairlift) 2
Funispace 4
Cable car Mont-Gelé 4
Chairlift Mayentzet 2
Chairlift Attelas 2
Chairlift Chaux 2 2
Chairlift Lac 1 2
Chairlift Lac 2
Savoleyres – La Tzoumaz
Gondola Verbier – Savoleyres 4 1
Gondola La Tzoumaz – Savoleyres 4
Chairlift La Tournelle
Chairlift Taillay 2
Chairlift Nord 2
Chairlift Etablons
T-bar Savoleyres Sud
Verbier station
T-bar Le Rouge
T-bar Les Esserts
T-bar Les Moulins
T-bar Mayentzet
Gondola Le Châble – Bruson 4
Chairlift Pasay
T-bar Moay
T-bar Grand-Tsai
Gentianes – Mont-Fort
Cable car Col des Gentianes 4
Cable car Mont-Fort 4
Cable car Jumbo 4
T-bar Gentianes

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