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Passerelle de Corbassière

Suspended high above the glacier of the same name, this footbridge connects the Brunet and Panossière mountain huts in safety.

High above Fionnay, in the deepest part of the Val de Bagnes, you’ll find the Corbassière glacier. Besides being a route on various walking trails such as the Tour des Combins or the Val de Bagnes, it’s also a popular destination for hikers. At this altitude of 2,365 metres, the desert terrain is made up of ice, rock and moraine. The path, which until recently crossed the glacier tongue, became dangerous when the permafrost melted. It was replaced in 2014 by one of the highest galvanized steel structures in Europe: the Corbassière footbridge. Its cables stretch almost 70 metres above ground with a span of 190 metres, offering walkers a memorable experience and a magnificent view of the surrounding area. Crossing the void is impressive and 100% safe. All you have to do is have a go!

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