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Cultural heritage and local products are in the spotlight in the village that’s home to the Palp Festival.

On the hills high above the Val de Bagnes is Bruson, a typical mountain village. With stone and wooden chalets and around 400 permanent residents, it offers visitors tranquillity in an authentic setting. Life here is still closely linked to agriculture, and a new local, community-based economy is being developed.

It was also here in Bruson that the Palp Festival – an event which brings together contemporary music, art and traditions – took up residence and then opened a grocery store called La Brusonette. And if further proof were needed, it’s here in Bruson, near the Bisse des Ravines, that Eddy Baillifard – Mr. Raclette himself – greets his customers by serving them cheese and local products. Do you want to try a 100% local speciality? The Carrefour restaurant in the centre of the village offers a Brusonne fondue made from marinated beef.

Like to watch butterflies? Then you’ve come to the right place! A study into the natural and landscape values of the Bruson area has identified it as one of the richest in butterflies in Switzerland, with around 80 species recorded across one square kilometre. This richness is due to the quality and diversity of the habitats, such as scree slopes, watercourses and bushes, which are particularly favourable to butterfly development. Butterfly watching is at its best during the meadow flowering period in May and June.

And finally, numerous marked paths and enduro trails criss-cross the surrounding area delighting all those who love walking and excitement.


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