Hike along the Bisse du Levron.Hike along the Bisse du Levron.
©Hike along the Bisse du Levron.

Bisse du Levron

Built around 1460, the Bisse du Levron irrigation channel flows from high above Verbier between 2,400 and 1,900 metres altitude.

A path runs along this ancient irrigation canal – a historical witness to Valaisan economic life – joining Verbier via a gentle slope and offers hikers and trail runners an easy and enjoyable outing. And it’s easy to get to! Climb aboard the Médran cable car to Les Ruinettes. From the beginning of June to the end of October, this is where the bisse takes in water before running down 18 kilometres through pastures and forests. Walkers wander through alpine fauna and flora while admiring the Val de Bagnes and the Combins massif. Wooden sculptures on display in the open air add to the charm of the walk. Halfway along the route, at the foot of the imposing Pierre Avoi, a few mountain restaurants offer a welcome break, while below, the Levron gorge with its waterfall provides an enchanting finishing touch.

Nice outing, and you can have a drink at La Marmotte!

Adrien Hildebrandt, Verbier ambassador

An outing that opens up the history, hydrology and panoramas of Verbier!

Théo Cheli, Verbier ambassador

Very nice and accessible little outing – it reminds me of my childhood, when we used to build little rafts with twigs and watch them race down as far as the waterfall.

Sybille Blanjean, Verbier ambassador

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