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Anchored in tradition, Vollèges and its region are the real gateway to the Val de Bagnes.

The village of Vollèges is built around its five-hundred-year-old belltower and is home to a traditional bread oven constructed in the early 20th century. In the village, the Atelier des Terroirs brings the inhabitants of Vollèges together to make specialities such as ‘Fratze’ sausage and ‘Cressin’ bread, in keeping with the customs and traditions of yore.

Local life is punctuated by festive and culinary events, like St-Jean Rock in Levron, with the popular ‘Beer walk’ or the ‘Saveurs de Vollèges’ food fair.

The Merdenson, a capricious mountain stream, runs alongside the village into the Dranse de Bagnes. On the heights, many paths lead the hiker to the alpine pastures of Col du LeinCol du Tronc and Col des Planches or even higher, to the peak of La Crevasse, to admire a stunning view over Bagnes and L’Entremont. In addition to hiking, certain paths are popular with mountain bikers while road cyclists love the hairpin bends of the Route du Levron.

The Mont Chemin, situated in the region’s heights, is a cantonal forest reserve spanning 680 ha which constitutes one of the largest wooded pastures in Europe. There are larch forests, clearings and grasslands with rich pastures for cattle. A wooded pasture is a forest where sparse trees grow, under which rich pastures are maintained by the cattle. This mix stimulates biodiversity and creates an agro-forest ecosystem that supports both animal farming and the forest economy.


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