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A town attached to its traditions, Vollèges is the real access point for the Val de Bagnes.

Built around its 500-year-old bell tower, the village of Vollèges – the capital of the only wine-producing commune in the region – is the gateway to the Val de Bagnes for everyone coming from the Rhône Valley. On its side flows an aggressive, gushing mountain stream, the Merdenson, which then flows into the Dranse de Bagnes. In keeping with the customs of yesteryear, Vollèges is home to a traditional bread oven built at the beginning of the 20th century and is a focal point for village gatherings. The Atelier des Terroirs produces local specialities such as the “Fratze” sausage. As well as the extremely popular Beer Walk, which is organised every summer along the small village streets, the commune of Vollèges also offers beautiful walks towards the Col du Tronc or La Crevasse.


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