Bouquetin dans le Haut Val de BagnesBouquetin dans le Haut Val de Bagnes

Haut Val de Bagnes

Dominated by majestic summits, the Haut Val de Bagnes is a magnificent natural environment boasting several protected areas.

Adorned in white, this preserved natural landscape has unexpected discoveries in store for nature lovers. While marmots may be in their winter quarters, you might come across mountain goats or chamois, out and about in the alpine vastness. Animals have a great need for quiet in the tough alpine conditions. Remember to stay on the authorised routes and do not disturb animals in quiet areas.

Ski touring, snowshoeing, ice climbing, and cross-country skiing are all popular activities. However, be careful not to venture into alpine areas without a professional guide or researching conditions beforehand.

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Carte Haut Val de Bagnes
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