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Villages in the area centred round Vollèges form a haven of peace where nature and local produce reign supreme.

All the leaves may have dropped from many trees with the arrival of autumn and winter, but the fir trees and spruces continue to soar, green and majestic, towards the sky. What a pleasure then to put on your snowshoes and set off to discover the enchanting landscapes on the heights of Vollèges, Vens, Cries, Le Levron, Chemin-Dessus or Etiez, where delightful paths and tracks wind between the various passes. La Crevasse, at an altitude of 1,807 metres, offers outstanding views of the Entremont as well as the picturesque and quaintly rural village of Le Levron. Warm and welcoming, the places that make up the Vollèges municipality abound in charm. Do you dream of tasting local specialities? Then, you’ve come to just the right place! The ‘Fratze’ sausage from the Atelier des Terroirs, beers with evocative names from the Amicale des Brasseurs and succulent cheeses from the Etiez dairy will gladden your heart.